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Corporate Design
Corporate design ::: Layout and programming of Website
Responsive Webdesign ::: Layout and programming of Microsite
Illustration ::: Icons and complex infographics for DAI IANUS
Illustration ::: Icons and complex infographics for DAI IANUS
Responsive Webdesign ::: Layout and programming of Website
Corporate Design ::: Illustration and diverse Layouts for print and web -
Gallery for Office – Interior Design – Canvas Print
Responsive Design ::: Layout and programming of Website
SALSA MAG International Preview for fall edition
Cross media publishing::: SALSA MAG International Fall 2012
Optimization and illustration of floor plans
Construction site signs
Construction site signs
Video Tutorial about how to build your own Cajón - for SALSA MAG. Self build, filmed and cut. Music made with Apple Software GarageBand.
Corporate Design ::: Signet for Dudek & König
Idea, concept and realization – Video series "Music Box Salsa" - Teamwork with musician Pablo Andres Rojas. - for SALSA MAG.
Design, prepress and production of a board game. Teamwork with Maurice Heinrich, Alexander Fuchs (for concept, sponsors acquisition and production management) and Johanna Müller (packaging). Thank you guys! It was a great time working with you.
Corporate design ::: Illustration ::: web & print design
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The Art and Craft of Print and Media

To be up to speed with the latest technical developments, constantly grappling with the fantastic innovations and troublesome pitfalls of the multi-media world is no easy task. You need a constantly open mind and interest for the wide range of media – the new and the traditional. Almost every day you can observe the enhancements of modern communication, just think of social media, smartphones, e-magazines or the fantastic huge internet-ready flat screens where you can download movies instantly, check your Facebook page, stream music, and more from the comfort of your living room.

But never forget the wonderful achievements of the good old print technologies, the look and feel of extraordinary fine printed and finished crafts is unique.

With a partner on your side who provides you the broad knowledge of materials, systems and procedures, of risks and possibilities, you can find your way to communicate in an impressive, appropriate and efficient way.



Publications (only in german)

Gesine Rohrbeck (2009):

Die Organisation interkultureller Kommunikation

Broschiert: 160 Seiten



Kommunikation ist die Basis des menschlichen Miteinanders. In einer Welt, in der wir mit Hilfe der modernen Technologien ein weltweites Netzwerk geschaffen haben, in dem sich Menschen auf der ganzen Welt miteinander austauschen und Unternehmen weltweit operieren, hat interkulturelle Kompetenz einen neuen Stellenwert gewonnen.

Die neuen Medien machen es möglich: Wahrheiten werden aufgedeckt, Schwächen treten ans Licht, Mitarbeiter packen aus. Die vorliegende Arbeit verknüpft angesichts der neuen Anforderungen die vielen verschiedenen Perspektiven und Problematiken interkultureller Kommunikation miteinander. Dazu werden ausgewählte Aspekte aus Kulturwissenschaft, Marketing, interner und externer Unternehmenskommunikation und der neuen Medienwelt dargelegt.